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Welcome to the new(ish) online home of Eric Fritz. Right now you can find some info about me and see some of the projects I'm currently working on for fun. Coming soon will be an image gallery full of pictures I've messed around with in photoshop, a(much better) list of fun web-based projects I've done or am in the process of working on, and possibly some things I've written.

About the Site

I spend a lot of time coding, messing around in photoshop, and working on music. It seems only logical to put some of it up online. Also, I really enjoy making websites. In fact, I'd probably make your website. Anyway, have a look around, and feel free to let me know if you like anything.

Current Projects

  • NaNoWriMoWhile not coding related, extremely time consuming
  • Threader, an ALAX comment system
  • Level, a collection of javascript puzzles